Friday, 22 July 2011

CAIRNS. Part 2.

HIIIII china here. :)
I've been ordered by pops to fill i the blanks of what she has missed so here we go...

I went for a little scuba dive on the GREAT BARRIER REEF. was actually AMAZING was pretty bummed that pops couldnt come with, but after a little debate we decided that pops and her spider bite would stay and i could go and see some sharks (didnt happen - slightly relieved about...)
So yeah had to get up at 6.40AM. not the best experience in the world but im getting pretty used to the early mornings with it being 9 hours difference and having to skype home bla bla :) but down to the docs and was pretty much shitting myself not a massive fan of the sea let alone getting into a shark/croc infested waters haha... so was signing in to the boat and was greeted by steve (steves one of the guys working on the boat who remembered EVERYONE on the boats names and was funny and could do loads of cool magic
so yeah then found two german people from our hostel who was on the same boat as me but the whole language barrier thing just really wasnt working out for the best so i was polite but tried not to engage in any major convosation (maybe i shouldve paid more attention when me and charlie was dumped in the back of the german class for a year lol)
so after floating away from there shore and being terrified of becoming sea sick after our little troubled time escaping phi phi and its huge waves, i then realised id FORGOT suncream, a ginger girl with no sun cream can cause quite a problem and since i didnt want to be mistaken for a lobster and left in the middle of the sea a scottish girl called katie lent me some of hers (shes not as cool as katie louise poppy evans may i add...) so yeah got chatting to her and decided to go and lay on the front of the boat :) it was a catamaran boat so rather than laying on the netting and getting my bum bitten by a shark i decided to lay on the side and chill :) 
on the way to the little island we saw TWO whales apparently its really rare to see one and i saw twoooo which was pretty awesome....
2HOURS at sea later we was finally at a little bird island -was really a tidy bit of white sand in the middle of the ocean but i guess you can class that as an island lol...we got off and it was here that we could snorkal and scuba dive... snorkling freaked me out slightly first time in the water and was shitting myself to say the least every time i wasnt near someone was pretty much convinced i was going to die lol...after half an hour of that and quite a swim to get back to the boat it was time to be scuba steve :)

at first i had major issues with the equiptment got into the water and he was trying to explain *underwater* how to go different things - lets just say me and signlanguage dont really mix that well do i started cracking up and choking which probs wasnt the best thing to do.,.,..
the fish was so colourful it was so cool to look at (kept one eye around me incase a shark decided to come and bite my bum!) but the fish and coral was actually amazing if ever you get a chance to go and see the reef DO IT. |
swimming along as you do and craig the instructor started doing the awkward turtle hand movement which i was so confused about but the two HUGE turtles swam up beside me was actually one of the most surreal things ever, so i get to stroke a turtle and hold its fin whilest swimming along :) -- will post pics...
THEN only saw a nemo didnt i :) was so cool and actually looked like the film ha - so easily amused :)
after about 30mins in the water i was full on knackered...didnt realise it would be such hard work trying to swim down every time i was near the bottom i just kept floating up towards the surface - the guy was saying its coz im skinny but i think he was just being polite haha...
so back on the boat i met some super cool aussie girls who invited me to a bbq tomorrow called jamie and cass so that should be fun and got some free drinks coz they new the bar man - $8 for a smirnoff ice is NOT COOL.

The following evening we headed down to the woolshed was a hilarious eves, after demolishing possibly the yummiest steak for only $8 me and sophie decided to get on the booze, so after countless ciders we decided to drink a bottle of champagne since it was ladies night and a glass was free since soph works there we got a bottle, so by this point could say we was pretty boosy she decided to make me have the most vile shot - agwa. took quite a while to realise that it wasnt a shot of water but apparently its from the same plant as cocaine? (dont worry mum it didnt have any drugs init). but it was still digusing all the same.. so i decided it was enough and time to go back to bed...

woke up yesterday feeling slightly worse for ware but decided to go shopping anyways :) what cant cure a hangover aye ;) had the most yummy sushi - scallops mmmm.....
i booked a dive course! so this time next week i shall be a pro diver ;) ill be on a boat floating around for 3days - pops doesnt mind chilling around the hostel for a few days since her leg isnt letting her do much - what a bummer...but i have 2days in a swimming pool learning how to use the equiptment and then 3days at sea after that :) so friggin excited and abit scared that were doing a night dive - so we can purposely go and see some sharks, but i do want to keep my limbs intact so this is feaking me out abit! but we shall see how that goes! thats on tues :)

anyways waffed far too much now so im off to catch some rays :)
ciao for now xxxxxxxxxxxx
pro diver in training.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


China's slacking on the blog front - so I'll fill in the necessarys.

Finally mad it to Oz baby!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo happy to be here! 4 years ago I said I was gonna come here with a flower in my hair, and here I am...minus the flower but gained a spider bite :)

Spent two days in Singapore and boy o boy was it a nice place. Everything was just perfect there. Even the tubes (MRT) were spotless compared to the shitty underground back home! Just a big stinker I couldn't do much because of my foot! :( Oh well. Next time, ill see everything!

So we got on a plane from Singapore to Brisbane and the from Brisbane got a connecting flight to Cairns where the adventure would start. The plane journey wasn't all that great to be fair - yes there was free booze...but my foot was in agony and I couldn't sleep. That was a joyous 8 hour flight.

We finally got to Brisbane airport where they asked me and China if they could BOMB SEARCH us. Oh yeah sure, go for it. I was more scared about the lighter I had been smuggling in my bag since Phuket airport!!! "No worries mam" said the aussie man as he frisked me for such devices. Ha!
We then went upstairs to get our flight and I brought a Poweraid and Skittles...NINE DOLLARS. I knew Oz would be expensive...but 9 dollars for a Poweraid and Skittles...RAPED.

Anywhoooooo on we jumped a plane to Cairns. When we arrived we called our hostel and a lovely lady named Roxy came to pick us up.
First thing on the cards was getting my foot and leg to the doctors ASAP. So we jammed on down to the 24 hour medical centre...only to discover, if I register with a Medicare card...coz I'm English, I get my doctors for freeeeee!!! As I dislike paying for stuff that is unnecessary (which I'm sure China would argue "Pop's your health is more important than money" and I would reply "China...I'd rathet spend 70 dollars on goon than see a doctor" ANYWHOOOO!!! :)
As the Medicare centre was shut til the next day, I decided to man up and troop on. Howeverrrr.....that night I got rather personal with my spider bite and managed to squeeze something that looked like a small child from the tiny whole. At one point I asked China to film it...but the duration was slightly worrying so we sidetracked the filmage. :)
Rather shaken up and manier "It will be ok Pop's" from Chink, we ventured into to the lil "city" (which may I add...Biggin Hill is probably bigger than Cairns and is not a city!!! :) So yea, we went into town and walker about and went to Woolworths (not the bankrupt toy and sweet shop we all knew and loved) butttt a supermarket. we brought pasta, pasta sauce, cheese and some homebrand crisps as we were not prepared to pay 6 dollars for crinkle cut! :) BUT the dreaded leg was hurting so we rang Roxy to come and get us and off we went home :)

Next up bright and early and headed to Cairns Central where me and Chink registered for our Medicare Card...Chink registering because she now has severe bug/spider issue and wanted to get the card "incase" of a bug attack :) Literally took 10 mins, so we headed back to the Hostel aka Castaways (The best hostel ever because the people are amazingly lovely and kind). Chilled by the pool until my docs appointment. As we were waiting, I again got a bit too friendly with the newly infected blister and wam bam...puss shot me in the face. This time China didn't want to take part in the foot porn and put her "concerned mother look" on her face! :)

Got to the doccys and he said I had a pretty bad infection and sent me to a cubical to have it dressed. To this day, I will not forget the hellish pain that "Sue (the puss collector) inflicted on my foot. OH I crieddddd!!! Into China's bosom (spelt correctly this time). They gave me antibiotics and off I hopped with the instruction to come back the next day to have it "re-assesed".
We then went and spoke to James at reception about scuba divingggg :) However after I was told I couldn't get my foot or leg wet AT ALL, I was kinda bummed to be fair. Anywho...if one solider is injured, we must troop on!! The weak must not sacrifice the FUN!!! So Chinkles booked to go on the Passion boat for the day where she would be able to scuba dive!!! Like real suba diving...air tank and all sorts. :)
Later than eve, China went to Pizza Hut and brought us Pizza to make me happy. I'm not gonna lie - IT WAS GOOOOOD PIZZA!!!! :)

Next day, we decided to head to the Lagoon. If your wondering, the Lagoon is a man made swimming pool with some sea water and some chlorine. Apparently its the cleanest water as its filtered etc etc. :) was built because the beaches around here are a no go due to CROCODILES.
Our roomie, Sophie came with us who is lovely!!!! Shes a hot blondie who has been here for 2 years now and is now applying for her residency, which is rather cool!!! :) Off we went (I hopped) to the Lagoon. And it was amazing. :)

After our day at the Lagoon, I went back to the doctors and it wasn't a great day. The infection had spread and my leg and foot looked like a crime scene. Yes I did cry in shock. The doc then said it was best to inject the antibiotics rather than take the tablets because the infection was getting worst! NOT COOL. I then advised Sue, that I would be the one squeezing my foot today. Haaaa! Got back to the hostel in an emotional state, had hugs from China and even rang Denzel!!! I was a scared Poppy Flower.
To take my mind of things, me, Chink and the rest of Castaways headed to the Woolshed for free pizza and a quiz.

The next day, it was Chinks scuba diveeee! Up at 6:40am! :) As far as the pictures go - it looked amazing and I am gutted I couldn't go!!! :( CHINA GOLD - UPDATE THE BLOG WITH REEF-I-NESS PLEASE OR ILL PUT A SPIDER UNDER YOUR PILLOW! :)

While China was having an affair witha turtle, me and Sophie went to the Lagoon and got harrassed by a weird Australian man wanting to put his homemade remdy on my leg to "see if it worked". DOOSH BAG! The lady behind the til (who happened to be from Chelmsford) looked at me and said it was best I stuck to the doctors advice - AGREED!!! Keep your beeswax and teatree hippie potion!!! :)

Went to the doccies again...discussed who was hottier - Kate Middleton...or her sister with the receptionist! Aussie people are wild!!! Verdict on the was getting better slowly. So another injection to the butt, a swob of the gunk to estblish what infection I had and some more bandages and I was happy. :)

Currently I am sitting over looking the pool, Chink is behind me reading and in 3 hours I'm gonna head to the doccies again to get me leg looked at again. Fingers crossed!!! I just wanna be able to explore!!!! :( Crutches are not cool either - bruised ribs and armpits - NICE.

As I said in the last post...what don't kill you makes you stronger! Make the most of what you've got and work with my case, the sympathy vote :) yeah we maybe in Cairns longer than expected...butttt, IM HAPPPPYYYYYYYY!!! The sun is shinning and nothing could beat this place! :)

Peace outttttttttt, A town down :)

Spider Girl. Xxxxx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The past three weeks ...

Heyaaaa! Its Pops here! China is asleep in the bunk above me :)

Thought I'd update our bloggy with the past few weeks activities as we haven't really had the time...or wifi to do so :)

Sooooo where to begin...

After a few rocky days in Bangkok, we jumped on a night train which was heading to Surat Thani (I think that's how you spell it). The 14 hour train ride was surprisingly comfy and nice! We has crazy bunkbeds and slept the whole time which was cool!

Once we got to Surat Thani, we jumped on a coach which was heading for Phuket. On the bus wondered on 4 odd looking people...I asked them where they were heading to check we were going in the right direction and they replied "Phuket". We then informed them we would be following them to their hostel as we hadn't planned where we were staying (which seems to be a recurring thing me and China keep doing)...ANYWHO. We started chatting to them and it turned out they had been working in Melbourne for the past year and was going to Thailand for some party times. Their names were Liv, Nik, Joe and Kit.
Basically it turned out they wasn't so odd and we spent around 10 days with them!!!! :)

Sooooooo, we arrived in Phuket, Patong Beach and got to our hostel, Patong Backpackers and discovered our aircon wasn't working and our skin was literally melting off! So we complained and moved rooms. :) We then finally got to a beach with our new adopted/forced pals from the bus and sunbathed...with no suntan lotion on...major error as me and Chink got veryyyyyy burnt (Chink is still peeling three weeks later). Then further errors happened...Chink got in the sea and in 3 minutes of being in the stung by a jelly fish!!! I mean, I was quite happy to pee on her...but the lifeguards said vinegar would work just as much. China then asked the standard "will I die" question, and got laughed at by Thai people...ha!

At this point, me and China had a nervous breakdown. On Chinks part she cried a lot...I just laughed dileriously at the sitch because I had no tears due to the sweat pouring from my body due to the heat. It kinda dawned on us that we were now just little ants in a very big world and we really had no clue what we were doing. We then stressed some more and booked a flight to take us direct to Singapore from Phuket. This meaning we were gonna be missing out Malaysia...oh well!

After our breakdown...we decided to man up and smile. We booked a boat to Phi Phi Island and so did the Gappys ( Liv, Nik, Joe and Kit)! In the mean time... We had a crazy old night on Banglah road!!! It involed buckets of booze, rows over being short changed (whicj I'm still unsure if I actually was), some complaining to the manager of a club for how I was being spoken too, three people in a smelly toilet, rain, boobs, ping pong shows, poles, Chang beer and sambuca, Mcdonalds and lots moreeeee booze!!! It was definately one mental night in Thailand.

A few days later, we hit Phi Phi. OMG WAS IT BEAUTIFUL!!! We were soooo happy to see such a pretty white sandy beach and seaaaa and sun!!! :) we managed to bag our self an amzing room right on the beach, bamboo hut and all sorts...thanks to Chinks amazing bartering skills!! 200 bahts a night, which was roughly £4!
We ended up staying 8 nights in total. :)
We went on a long boat to Maya Bay - aka the most beautiful place ever!!! We snorkeled with fish, saw some amazing places and the headed back to Phi Phi.
***Just a lil dedication to the Gappys***
We love you guys!!! We were literally inseparable for the whole time and had such fun with them all. They we are such amazingly lovely people and we most definitely won't ever forget them. Lots of love to them. Xxxxxxx

Also on Phi Phi we met some more cool cats who knew the Gappys...Janey, Alex and the Cardiff uni girls.

Phi Phi was such a fun and I'm sad that part of the adventure is over :(

So after an emotional goodbye to the and Chink chilled out...while I nursed a crazy infected foot! We then got a boat back to Patong beach...which perhaps was the worst boat ride EVER!!! The boat was like it was going to capsize, we threw up A LOT! I was happy to reach land!!! From there we went back to Patong Backpackers where Tip, the boss of the hostel invited us for dinner! It was so beautiful!! On a side of a mountain overlooking Phuket.

I then got bit by some weirddd spider and got a nice infected bite...adding to this I also got another blister which formed into an infected mess...leading me to hobble along like an old lady!!! Never cool!!!

We thennnnnn went on an elephant, saw a monkey show and he picked the dry skin from my peeling head (which was delightful), we then saw some horrid snakes...China didn't actually believe how scared I was until I practically climbed up a wall!!!! The next day we went to the Zoo and saw so many cool animals and even stroked a tiger! Yes a real huge scary looking kitty!!! Personally I am now very against Zoo's and stuff. Some of the animals were kept in tiny cages and at one point me and China wanted to leave. If I had it my way I would have unlocked all the cages :) No more Zoos for me please...accept Steve Irwins one :)

After three days back in Patong, we jumped on a flight to Singapore...and here we are now!! :)

Slightly hectic trying to get somewhere to stay...but hey it was fun! We are in a hostel called Green Kiwi...or something like that. The rooms are clean and the people are cool. :)

I love love Singapore! Its such a cool city! Defo would come back! Today me and Chink went to an electrical shopping centre and she got a new camera and a netbook for superrrr cheap! :) we like that!!!!

So now, I'm laying in bed with a very very sore foot and a rather swollen leg due to a spidey bite...its elevated off the ground as per China Golds instructions :) (I seriously have it elevated Chink, I promise)!!!

A few days and its hellllo Oz!!!! SOOOOO excited!!!

This post hasn't done the past three weeks justice (Chinks can fill the rest in tomorro on her new netty b) butttt all I can say is this is AMAZING. Thailand and Singapore - WE LOVE YOU. Yes it was rocky to start with...but...what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger and teaches you to man up and troop on (unless of course my spider bite is fatal then this saying is rather stupid and pointless :) - and this is what we will do.

See yahhh, Pops. Xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Soooooooooooo!!! It's Pops and Chink here, sitting in Lub D on our last day in Bangkok...

Hmmmm some mixed feelings about Bangkok:
- Luggage lost - BAD TIMES.
- Luggage found - GOOD TIMES.
- Khao San Road - MENTAL.
- Thai Massages - AMAZING TIMES.
- Ping Pong shows - HMMMM.
- Lots of wild people from all over the world - YES.
- Lub D Hostel - WELL BANGING.

Kinda glad to be getting out of here as it is pretty busy and pretty wild...exactly like Hangover 2 is!

Onto Phuket next...nice 14 hour train ride followed by an even nice 3 hour bus ride...PLEASE LET THERE BE A BEACH AND SUN. :)



Tuesday, 31 May 2011


26Days until we get on the plane to the other side of the world.... :) first stop THAILAND!
Realised that were going to Malaysia aswell as singapore....which pops seems to think is near iceland, seems that a few people think we need to invest in a compass to get us from Thailand to Singapore since neither of us is that amazing with sense of direction! But we should be fine! 
Learnt how to say "SHARK." in Thai so that'll come in useful. - dont want to get eaten now!

Whoever thought of the invention of a backpack should be shot. its likely that by the time were back i will have a crooked spine - since i dont know the meaning of travelling light.
That will be all.